The Tools You Need To Groom Your Cat


There are certain tools you need when you have a feline companion to take care of. The grooming tools for a cat comprise of combs, brushes, nail clipping tools, grooming gloves, and toothbrushes. Your cat will be grooming itself as part of its nature, but extra grooming will ensure that its appearance and health are better and it will reduce the mess that cat hair creates around a home.

Grooming requirements of different breeds

Cat breeds differ and that determines their fur content as well. The breeds that have long fur usually need more and frequent grooming than other breeds. You might need to resort to more grooming tools for cats that have longer fur. If you own a breed that has short fur you will find it easier to groom and manage them. The longer fur coat usually gets mangy faster and knots up for which they need more frequent care.

Use of different grooming tools

Among the different grooming tools, you can use toothbrushes that are rubbery and soft and can be worn on your fingertips. Brushing the teeth of your cat or kitten regularly will help care for their dental makeup and prevent tooth decay. Use of a nail clipping tool also becomes vital for regular cat grooming. It helps to dull the claws of your cat and that will prevent harm to different items around the house that most cats spoil by scratching. Bathing your cat can be done seldom as and when they become excessively dirty or there are skin infections evident. There are pet care shampoo and other products available that help to clean their coat and body effectively. Once they are dry you can use a brush with soft bristles to comb their fur. A bath will also help to keep their fur clean of fleas.

If you are daunted by the aspect of clipping the claws of your pet, or if your cat refuses to take a bath, you can resort to a grooming expert. Many pet grooming services or centers can be found in different parts of a city. You can easily locate one close to your home and get your pet over for an expert grooming service. There are mobile grooming services available as well. You can make an appointment with one such service and have your pet groomed in the comfort of your home.