Cats are pets which are unique animals that have ways of their own. Unlike dogs, they are more independent and some basic ground rules for your pet can help you establish a comfortable camaraderie between you two. Cats like to be left on their own and they prefer to have a comfortable existence. Simply give them a comfortable home and pamper them once in awhile. They, in turn, will return your affection in their own ways.

Cats have certain grooming needs which help to keep them well coiffed. However, overdoing the same can be harmful to their well being. If you are surprised to read this, go through the articles posted in the different sections. There are helpful tips, provided that will tell you how to decipher their behavior; get tips on grooming which you can attempt yourself or get professional services to groom your pet.

There are helpful sections on vet care and what symptoms should alert you that your cat needs medical attention; going through these articles will help you get necessary information on how to live with a feline companion.

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