Understanding Certain Behavioral Traits In Your Cat

Behavioral Traits In Your Cat

If you are a cat lover, you will realize that they have minds of their own. Unlike dogs whose behavioral traits are easy to figure out, cats are choosy when it comes to food as well as when they decide to show their affection. There is also a particular trait seen in cats that might […]

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What to do When Your Cat Is Constipated


Health conditions of your cat need to be checked upon and one sign of a digestive problem can be its stool. If you see that your cat’s stool is small, very dry and strains on the litter box, these are signs that your cat is constipated. The conditions could be numerous that leads to constipation […]

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The Tools You Need To Groom Your Cat


There are certain tools you need when you have a feline companion to take care of. The grooming tools for a cat comprise of combs, brushes, nail clipping tools, grooming gloves, and toothbrushes. Your cat will be grooming itself as part of its nature, but extra grooming will ensure that its appearance and health are […]

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